March 17th, 2016, Hôtel Gouverneur, Trois-Rivieres


C2T3 (centre de transfert de technologies en telecommunications), in collaboration with CRSNG, IDÉ Trois-Rivieres and the Quebec Technological pole in health and home care services (PTQSMD), plan on Marsh 17th, 2016 to hold a symposium on technologies dedicated to health and home care services.

This pan-Canadian dimension symposium is intended as a consultation and planning workshop of applied research and wishes to gather the Canadians key actors, in the health technology and Home Care (MAD) sector, among researchers, industrials, stakeholders, organizations and other users.


Targets :

  • The symposium organizers aim to give stakeholders opportunity to:
  • Identify needs and degrees of accessibility relatively to older technology dedicated to home care
  • Work together to identify possible solutions to the problems and meet needs identified, or planned by the home support sector of seniors and / or disabled
  • Identify priorities for R & D and the needs in terms of knowledge
  • Identify existing and future collaboration opportunities between researchers, health institutions and national and international industrial environments
  • Positioning as mobilizing agents in technology dedicated to health and homecare


Thematics :

  1. Tele-monitoring systems and security for targeted people
  2. Technologic help and equipment development to support targeted people
  3. Home Wise and home adaptation of concrete needs for targeted people
  4. Organize and hold home care settings (operations, supplying and logistic)
  5. Adapted Transportation


Networking results :

For Industrials and supplying organisations offering services :

  • Discovering and networking with researchers and stakeholders for developing new products and or significant services for maintaining home care
  • Taking over opportunities to develop new gaps with experts

For stakeholders, users representative and support organizations :

  • Sharing skills and assets of home care and define the sector needs;
  • Identifying new technologies and applied researches that would improve their customer needs

For researchers :

  • Extending interactions between key actors in Canada and worldwide
  • Positioning between user needs and industrial solutions
  • Encouraging scientists synergy between local, national and international researchers to develop appropriate and adapted technologies for home care
  • Identifying and taking over opportunities to develop multi-institutions projects


Program of the day (PDF) Program of the day (PDF)


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